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Batch Mode

The Batch Mode serves for running a sequence of fits or Monte Carlo simulations with pre-configured files. In principle it consists of the following steps:

To set up batch processing select the Batch Mode entry from the Menu. A multiple-file selection dialog is opened which allows to add .km files from a database or from different directories. For file-based selection, browse to the directories, select the files to be processed, and bring them to the Selected area using Add to SELECTED. After selecting Open the following batch configuration dialog appears.

Batch Mode Config

It shows the list of selected .km files at the top. If the box Same operations for all files is not checked, a file can be selected in the list and an action defined individually. If it is checked, the same operation is performed for all files. The operations are:

Fit active region per file

Only the TAC of the active region (ie. the current region when saving the .km file) is fitted with the model as defined in the .km file.

Fit each individual region per file

All regional TACs are fitted with the models as defined in the .km file.

Perform one coupled fit

Performs coupled fitting with the model and coupling as defined in the .km file.

Perform a Monte Carlo simulation for the active region

Using the noise and model definitions in the file a Monte Carlo simulation of the current TAC is performed.

Perform a Monte Carlo simulation for each region

As above, but applied to all regional TACs. Can be used to evaluate the sensitivity at different parameter combinations.

Perform a coupled Monte Carlo simulation

Monte Carlo simulation using coupled fitting as defined in the file.

Copy model parameters from KM to kinPar file

Just a convenience to summarize the parameters of a series of files into one tabular text file. Note that a result file must first be defined for the option to become available.

The For Save and the For Append buttons can be used to specify a file for saving the result parameters of the batch run.

After the Run button has been activated each file is loaded, the processing performed, the resulting parameters written into the result text file, and the input .km file is overwritten by the result.

The recommended approach for batch processing therefore is:

With this strategy the original files are maintained for a different usage.