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Data Loading/Saving

Several data sets can be processed in parallel. They are shown on separate pages in the PKIN tool, with selection through the upper tabs.

The New study entry in the Menu can be used for creating a new empty data set, to which the blood and tissue measurements can be loaded. The Load entries overwrite the information in the currently selected data set. With Add KM file a complete study can be loaded into a newly created tab without overwriting existing data.

Most models require both blood and tissue data. The tissue TAC data can most easily be brought into PKIN by outlining VOIs in the PVIEW tool and sending the time-activity information in the different VOIs directly to PKIN. This approach has the advantage that the standard deviations within the VOIs are also transferred and can be used for weighting. As an alternative, the information can be prepared in a text file and loaded using the Load Time Activity Curve entry in the Menu.

The blood information is typically the result of blood sampling, plasma separation and activity counting in a separate device. In these cases the measurement results must be arranged properly in a text file. If the separation of tracer metabolites in blood is not necessary or can be achieved by multiplication with a correction function, and blood activity can be derived directly from the images (eg. in cardiac studies), they can also be obtained using the VOI approach.

Note: All PKIN models assume that the loaded data have already been decay corrected.