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Data Saving

Data can be saved in various formats using the following Menu entries:

Save KM File

Saves all data and the configuration in a comprehensive text file with suffix .km. See the example in the data/examples/km. Loading the .km file restores the state of the previous processing with the exception of the display settings.

Save KM Parameters File

Generates and saves a summary of the model parameters in all regions. Result is a tab-delimited text file with extension .kinPar, which is readable with any text editor and with numerical programs such as Excel. There is a Save and an Append sub-menu, the latter for combining results of several studies in a single file.

Save all Time Activity Curves

Saves just the time-activity data in a multi-column text file. This option may be helpful to export TAC data for visualization in a different tool.

Another useful application of Save/Load Time Activity Curve is to append a TAC from a different tissue: first save the current TACs, add the TAC of a additional TAC as a new column in Excel, then load the .tac file again.

Save all Model Curves

Exports the model curves of all regions into a text file. Note that these curves are not interpolated between the frame mid-times. To obtain smoother curves please use the Create Synthetic KM Study menu item.

Note: Units of the saved data are always [kBq/cc] and [seconds].