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Cardiac Flow from Acetate PET

Van den Hoff et al. [46] have investigated and validated 11C-acetate as a flow tracer. This methodology is implemented as the Card Acetate (1 Compartment) model. It employs a single tissue compartment model

with tracer exchange between arterial plasma Ca and myocardial tissue Cmyo and a differential equation

Acetate Model DE

A metabolite correction is necessary to derive the plasma activity from whole blood measured in the left cavity.

Acetate Metabolite Correction

with T1/2=5.3 min. K1 is the product of flow F and extraction E which is flow dependent for acetate. The relation found [46] is described by the following relation

Acetate Extraction Fraction

Additionally, the model incorporates a cardiac dual spillover correction by the operational equation

Vlv = spill-over fraction of the blood activity in the left ventricle Clv(t),
Vrv = spill-over fraction of the blood activity in the right ventricle Crv(t) .

Implementation Notes: