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Model History

The system maintains a history of model configurations for each region. Each time the Fit button is activated, the result is added to the history. The user can also manually add configurations. The user can display a list of the configuration history, edit the list, and select one of the historic configurations. This functionality is accessible by the elements close to the model configuration

Adds the current model configuration to the history list.

Switches to the prior model configuration.

Switches to the following model configuration.

Clears all history entries.

Shows the history.

The history is shown in a dialog window which contains in the upper part the model configurations, and in the lower part statistics.

Fit indicates that the configuration was automatically added as a fit result. Manual indicates that the user added the configuration manually. The list can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. Activated list entries can be removed with the Delete button. Select restores the selected configuration and closes the dialog. Copy to Clipboard copies the numbers, so that they can be pasted into another application. Close just closes the window.

Note that the parameters of the different models are sorted into appropriate columns. For instance, Vt resulting from the different compartment models appear in the same column so that they can easily be compared. The user can change the sorting order by clicking on an arbitrary column header.

CAUTION: This history mechanism does not account for changes in the loaded data or changes in the configuration of the blood-related models.