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Motion Correction

Although the LMA segmentation algorithm is robust with respect to motion, movement during the dynamic acquisition should be avoided. While internal organ movement and bladder filling are difficult to handle, global relocation of the animal should be corrected before the segmentation process. PMOD's fusion tool includes a motion correction facility which has been successfully applied to preclinical data.

Anatomical Reference Image

For the interpretation of the segments it is helpful to project them onto an anatomical image of the animal. Therefore, a PET scan is often complemented with a CT or MRI scan, preferably using the same support system and without moving the animal in between. If an offset of the reconstructed images occurs, it can easily be corrected by a rigid transformation.

Multi-modal data needs to be matched before using them in PSEG. In order to conserve the better resolution of the anatomical modalities, it is recommended to match the PET series to the MR or CT series, for instance with PMOD's fusion tool.