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Results Saving

Saving of Data

The easiest way to save information is via the Save all button in the lateral taskbar as illustrated below.

All images arising during processing are available for saving, as well as the final VOIs. Please select the information of interest and saved them to a database or a directory.

Protocol Saving

The final processing configuration can be saved using the Save Protocol button.

Such a protocol includes definition of the input data, the parameters of the different processing stages, VOIs generated by assigning the segments to organs as well as manually edited VOIs. It is recommended saving a protocol after every completed data processing, so that at any later time the configuration can be retrieved, verified and modified to try variations of the processing parameters.

Load Protocol allows retrieving a protocol. It shows the following dialog window.

The data sources may be redefined. If Execute after loading is disabled, only the data will be loaded and the configurations recovered. Otherwise, the full segmentation will be performed and the result shown together with all VOIs of the saved session.