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Global Configuration with Config Button

Use the
Button Config
on the PMOD ToolBox to show the general configuration dialog.

Many PMOD functionalities are programmed as plug-ins. Most of these plug-ins are initially installed, but they can be removed or rearranged for each user account with the different tabs. The procedure is always the same and is explained with the plug-ins (the models) of the kinetic modeling tool PKIN.

PKIN Models

When the PKIN models tab is selected, the list of the currently installed model plug-ins is shown. The entries show the name in the model selection of the PKIN tool as bold and in parentheses the file names of the plug-in.

To modify the order how the models appear in the PKIN application please select an entry and move it up/down using the arrows to the right. The ? button shows a quick model explanation.

Configuration PKIN Models

To remove a model from the list just select its list entry and activate Remove. To add a model back to the list use the Add new button. The appearing dialog window allows selecting one or more plug-in(s) and adding them by the Ok button.

Configuration Add PKIN Model

Contents of the different Plug-In Tabs

PXMOD models

Configuration of the models which appear in the pixel-wise modeling (PXMOD) tool.

PKIN models

Configuration of the models which appear in the modeling tool for time-activity curves (PKIN). Tissue contains the actual kinetic models for the tissue TACs, Blood the models for interpolation of the blood activity, Plasma fraction the models for plasma fraction activity and Parent the models for metabolite correction.

READ/WRITE plug-ins

Configuration of the image data file formats. Note that only a subset ot the formats can be written.



Configuration of image processing filters usable during loading.

Color Tables

Configuration of user-defined color tables. These files must be

  • located in the resources/colortables sub-directory (see the examples there),
  • text files ending in .cltb, and
  • contain 3 columns with the RGB values such as
    # R G B
    0 0 0
    0 2 2
    0 4 4

System color tables cannot be removed or arranged in a different order.