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Local PKIN Configuration

The configuration of PKIN can be adjusted by Kinetic/Settings/Modify

or using the configuration button from the status line. It opens the following dialog with the current definitions, which can be modified. The Paths tab allows setting the initial data paths of file-based loading as well as the file extension filters.

PKIN Paths Definition

The Display pane gives access to the settings of the initial PKIN appearance and the appearance of the report page.

PKIN Report Configuration

The PKIN pane shows the current models of tissue, whole blood, plasma and the parent fraction with their respective default parameters. Changing the parameters here and saving will establish new default parameters.

The next section allows specifying the time and value units of data loaded from text files. If the header lines in the data file do not contain valid units, these units are applied to the imported data.

PKIN Configuration

The lower section serves for modifying the layout: