PMOD Kinetic Modeling Tool (PKIN)
Expand Introduction to Modeling in PET
Expand PKIN Configuration
Expand PKIN Data Processing
Collapse PKIN Model Reference
   Expand Compartment Models
   Expand Compartment Models for Cardiac Perfusion PET
   Expand Reference Models
   Collapse Non-Compartmental Models
       Spectral Analysis
       Patlak Plot
       MLAIR (Multiple Linear Analysis for Irreversible Radiotracers)
       Logan Plot
       RE-GP Analysis
       Ito Plot
       Ichise Multilinear Analysis MA1
       Ichise Multilinear Analysis MA2
       Bolus/Infusion Optimization
       Residence Times
       Area under Curve (AUC)
       Tissue/Plasma Ratio
       Tissue Ratio Methods
       Tracer Retention Fraction
       Fractal Dimension
   Expand Activity Models for Whole-Blood and Plasma
   Expand Fraction Models for Plasma/Whole-Blood Activity
   Expand Fraction Models for Parent/Plasma Activity
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