PMOD Kinetic Modeling Tool (PKIN)
Expand Introduction to Modeling in PET
Expand PKIN Configuration
Collapse PKIN Data Processing
    General Assumptions in PKIN
    Processing Overview
    Starting the Kinetic Modeling Tool
   Expand Data Loading/Saving
   Expand Curve Layout
   Collapse Blood Model Configuration
       Input Curve (AIF)
       Whole Blood and Plasma Activity
       Plasma/Whole-blood Fraction
       Parent/Plasma Fraction
       Default Model Configurations and Configuration Sets
   Expand Fitting of Kinetic Tissue Models
   Expand Coupled Fitting for Improving Parameter Estimates
    Blood Delay Fitting
   Expand Assessing Fit Results
   Expand Special Processing Modes
   Expand Convenience Tools
   Expand Editing Facilities
   Expand Synthetic Data Generation
    Modeling in Batch Pipeline
Expand PKIN Model Reference
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