• Functionality

    PMOD covers all data processing steps for true image quantification and features a long list of distinct functional advantages. Thus, PMOD users are freed from struggling with disparate tools and tricky data transfers. While focused primarily on PET, many of the quantification methods are generic and can be applied to other imaging modalities such as SPECT, MR and CT.

  • Ease of Use

    PMOD provides an intuitive user interface. Many tasks are supported by straightforward workflows and protocols, allowing for naturally applying sophisticated techniques.

  • Reference

    PMOD is clearly regarded as the reference tool for PET tracer characterization. No other software can refer to a similar number of kinetic modeling publications. More than 4000 peer-reviewed publications document the value of PMOD in biomedical research.

  • Innovation

    PMOD keeps up with the state-of-the-art. Thanks to numerous collaborations with leading research centers and a dynamic development team, new methodologies and solutions come to the end user at unprecedented speed. Whenever needed, corrective maintenance builds are made available. Occasionally, dedicated functionality for individual users is implemented as contracted work.

  • Customer Base

    PMOD boasts an expanding customer base comprising more than 700 sites with over 2000 active users worldwide. Many of them found it justifiable to abandon their in-house software programs and instead focus all their efforts on science without being distracted by software maintenance.

  • Platform Independence

    PMOD is platform independent with respect to computer operating systems and scanner equipment. Therefore, investments in PMOD are not compromised by evolving infrastructure.

  • Clinical Trial Usage

    PMOD has been built for scientific and educational purposes. However, there is a dedicated version that supports the mechanisms for 21 CFR Part 11 compliant data processing, which leverages PMOD for analyzing clinical trial data.

  • Licensing

    PMOD offers a modular and flexible licensing scheme.

  • Training

    PMOD users can get started with easy-to-grasp entry-level tutorials, and are backed up by comprehensive documentation. For deeper insights or discussions, they also have the opportunity to attend the proven PMOD training courses. Dedicated application training is offered as a service.

  • Support

    Technical support is provided via e-mail within short response cycles, and by videochat or phone if needed. Face-to-face interaction for solving problems and in-depth discussion is possible at the major conferences in the field at which PMOD regularly exhibits.

PMOD is a software FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY (RUO) and must not be used for diagnosis or treatment of patients.