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Input Curve (AIF)

PKIN supports four types of blood data which together allow computing the input curve.

  1. The tracer activity concentration in whole blood. This information is used for the spillover term in the compartment models as well as in combination with the plasma fraction.
  2. The total activity concentration of tracer in the plasma part of the blood.
  3. The plasma fraction (ratio of tracer in plasma to tracer in whole blood). The plasma fraction is multiplied with the whole blood concentration to calculate the total concentration of tracer in plasma.
  4. The parent fraction (ratio of unchanged tracer to total tracer in plasma). The parent fraction is multiplied with the total plasma concentration to calculate the input curve.

Note that the plasma options 2. and 3. above are excluding each other. If plasma activity has been loaded, the plasma fraction option cannot be used. On the other hand, if the plasma fraction has been loaded, the plasma activity option cannot be used.

The different possibilities to calculate the input curve work as follows:

The different blood-related informations are readily available for inspection in the curve area of the Blood tab as illustrated in the sections below.