PMOD Kinetic Modeling Tool (PKIN)
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   Collapse Compartment Models
       List of PKIN Compartment Models
       1-Tissue Compartment Model
       2-Tissue Compartment Model
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, K1/k2
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, K1/k2, Vs
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, K1/k2, Vt
       FDG 2-Tissue Compartment Model
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, Linear Least Squares Method
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, k5
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, Bmax
       2-Tissue Compartment Model, K1/k2, Bmax
       2-Tissue Compartment Model with Vascular Trapping
       3-Tissue Compartment Model
       3-Tissue Compartment Model, K1/k2, Vs
       3-Tissue Compartment Model, Sequential
       3-Tissue Compartments with Metabolites
       3-Tissue Compartments with Metabolites, K1/k2
       3-Tissue Compartments with Metabolites, K1/k2, Vs
       4-Tissue Compartments with Metabolites, K1/k2
       Flumazenil Triple-injection Model
       Water PET Model with Flow and Dispersion
   Expand Compartment Models for Cardiac Perfusion PET
   Expand Reference Models
   Expand Non-Compartmental Models
   Expand Activity Models for Whole-Blood and Plasma
   Expand Fraction Models for Plasma/Whole-Blood Activity
   Expand Fraction Models for Parent/Plasma Activity
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