Beyond its proven analysis software, PMOD offers tailored support for the analysis of the data acquired in pilot studies. On demand, custom software can be developed for implementing specific processing methodologies.

Image Processing

The analysis of medical imaging data is demanding, time-consuming and needs to be standardized. Analysis methods have to be evaluated, trading detail against robustness and taking the physiological context into account. The optimal method should be chosen on statistical grounds and account for the method’s sensitivity to detect changes.

Our experts can support method selection, proper use of the PMOD software, quality control of the data, and potentially data analysis.

Custom Development

Our development team has a 20 year successful track record of delivering fit-for-need software applications. Thanks to the modular structure of the PMOD software, new functions or entire applications can be implemented in short development cycles.

The scale of projects ranges from adding individual quantification measures or dedicated models to providing full-blown tools tailored for proprietary use.

Contract Options

The degree of support offered by PMOD is highly adjustable: it ranges from individual coaching on a dedicated topic to pilot data processing.

As requirements are unique, we encourage interested sites to contact us for discussing their needs. In case of a match between the support required and our consultants’ expertise, PMOD Services will work out a tailored offer.

First PMOD Services Project Completed

Since the inception of PMOD Services in summer 2014, customers already took advantage of dedicated support. In one successfully completed project, tailored kinetic model variants were developed to study a PET tracer with real data and simulations. In another ongoing project, preclinical baseline and follow-up SPECT data were outsourced to PMOD Services for the analysis and comparison of tracer uptake in various organs.

It has been a pleasure working with the PMOD team to create variants of kinetic models for me to investigate.  They kept me informed throughout each step of the process and were very adaptable to my requirements.  Highly recommended!

Daniel McGowanDeputy Head of Nuclear Medicine Physics, Radiation Physics and Protection, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust