• Origins

    The PMOD software has origins dating back to 1993, when PET was mainly a research tool. For lack of software, development of quantification tools was started at the University Hospital PET Center in Zurich. Soon, there was an interest in the PET community to adopt the programs. Therefore, in collaboration with engineers from Warsaw University of Technology, the software was brought into industrial-grade quality, and distributed to numerous leading PET sites in the world. Based on their feedback, scope and functionality were improved, resulting in a suite of tools covering the diverse needs of researchers in the field of molecular imaging.

  • Pmod Technologies LLC

    Due to the wide adaptation of PMOD in the field, support of the project within the University became difficult. Therefore, PMOD Technologies LLC was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the Zurich PET Center to further develop and distribute the PMOD software. Since then, the customer base has massively grown, now comprising more than 600 sites with over 2000 active users worldwide. In parallel, functionality has been markedly extended, reaching into the neighboring domains of functional MRI and CT for research. Vibrant collaborations with various flagship institutions ensure that our PMOD software remains leading-edge.

  • Part of Bruker’s Preclinical Imaging Division

    As of 1.7.2019 PMOD Technologies LLC became part of Bruker’s Preclinical Imaging Division. The proven team continues to further develop PMOD as vendor-neutral software and supports all customers with the same vigor, taking advantage of Bruker’s expertise in preclinical imaging.

  • Mission Statement

    We aim to equip researchers with best-in-class software quantification tools for biomedical imaging in human and animal research, and to back them up in their experimental work by outstanding support and services.