Training Courses

Arguably the best and most effective way of learning PMOD is to attend the public PMOD Training Courses, which have been offered twice a year in Zürich (usually in March and September).
However, while the travelling situation is unpredictable, the in-person training courses are replaced by virtual events. We will make sure that the training effect will be equivalent and that one-to-one interaction with the trainers can still take place.

For providing a fully functional training and to clarify planification, we have taken the difficult decision to deliver the courses exclusively as a virtual event taking place on the same dates.

Course Overview and Pricing
Basic Application Course [PBA] Sept. 21-22, 2020 Registration
Advanced Application Course [PAA] Sept. 23-24, 2020 Registration

The course was well structured and excellently organized. I enjoyed the atmosphere. Really good practical hints and tips. Very professional.

Anonymous ParticipantPMOD Basic Application Course, March 2018

Love the course, everyone is very helpful and it’s structured very well. It’s not easy to cover everything in such a short time, but you managed it! Well done!

Anonymous ParticipantPMOD Basic Application Course, March 2018

Interesting, well managed and dynamic course. Totally recommendable!!

Anonymous ParticipantPMOD Basic Application Course, March 2018

The statistical presentations were very useful. I will us it on my own data when I get home.

Anonymous ParticipantPMOD Statistics Course, March 2018

Very good course, it’s a lot in such a short time, but very well prepared and if you attend the basic course beforehand it really helps to get along and follow all the steps.

Anonymous ParticipantPMOD Small Animal Course, March 2018

Training Courses in Japan

For training courses in Japan (in Japanese), please contact

Training & Support Packages for Individual Web-based Training

In response to popular demand that goes beyond technical support and the training via self-learning material or provided in public courses, we have started offering PMOD Training & Support Packages.

The PMOD web-based training sessions have been extremely useful and valuable to myself and other research members at Stanford. The sessions are customized to suit your needs and are interactive. The staff will walk you through each step of the process and ensure that you understand the task at hand. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about the functions of PMOD.

Corinne Beinat, PhDPostdoctoral Research Fellow, The Gambhir Lab, Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford