Dr. Masanori Ichise, NIRS

“I have used PMOD since it has been introduced. Initially, I was using PMOD for ROI based neuroreceptor SPECT data analyses (Kinetic Modeling tool). Then I realized the usefulness of the Pixel-wise Modeling tool. Currently, I use both tools for neuroreceptor PET/SPECT data analyses. Additionally, I use PMOD as an aid for my new modeling work.
The major strengths of PMOD are
1) the very user-friendly interfaces with visual graphical displays of data analysis processes, and
2) the versatility with a capability to perform a comprehensive list of different model analyses .
PMOD certainly makes complex compartment anlysis of dynamic PET/SPECT data very practical and easy. PMOD is an essential PET/SPECT data analysis tool for people who are serious about quantitative PET/SPECT data analysis. I highly recommend PMOD for both routine and advanced scientific work.”