First PMOD Services Project Completed

Since the inception of PMOD Services in summer 2014, customers already took advantage of dedicated support. In one successfully completed project, tailored kinetic model variants were developed to study a PET tracer with real data and simulations. In another ongoing project, preclinical baseline and follow-up SPECT data were outsourced to PMOD Services for the analysis and comparison of tracer uptake in various organs.

Use of PMOD for Preclinical PET Imaging Course in Tromsø

In November 2014, the first Norwegian PhD course in preclinical PET imaging took place at the University of Tromsø. It included lectures, demonstrations as well as hands-on laboratory work covering many aspects of small animal imaging. An essential part of the two week course was the practical quantification of the acquired PET/CT and SPECT/CT images using PMOD, taking advantage of a course license provided by PMOD Technologies. Reportedly, course adviser Samuel Kuttner and his students were highly satisfied with the performance and versatility of the software.

Fuse It Overview Video

A new video gives an impression of the Fuse It tool introduced with Pmod 3.6.