The PGEM tool gives access to different types of geometry-related analyses: Fiber tracking and track visualization based on diffusion tensors calculated from DWI MR images. Analysis and streamline visualization of 4D flow MR images that measure the velocity vector of fluids in vessels over time. Creation of geometric models as input to different kind of simulations. Comprehensive support for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) research by providing vessel models and interfacing to the OpenFOAM® simulation system.

“PMOD has been a great investment for us with our current expanding clinical and pre-clinical research as it has allowed us to roll out quantitative image processing to a wide range of researchers.”

  • Dedicated workflows for the different types of analysis.
  • Various tracking methods for 4D flow and diffusion tensors based on CAMINO toolkit.
  • Track and streamline visualization in rich 3D scenes.
  • Geometric model building based on contours along anatomical structures.
  • Meshing of geometric models as input to CFD simulation systems.
  • Direct interface to OpenFOAM® to submit CFD simulation jobs and retrieve their results.