Image Registration And Fusion

  • Transformations

    Adaptable Automatic, Manual, Rigid and Elastic, Brain Atlas Matching

  • Motion Correction

    Automatic, Manual, Full-Series or Selected Application

  • Comparison Layouts

    Multi-Modality, Print-Ready, Flexible

  • Advanced Segmentation Options

    2D/3D/4D, Established Algorithms, Multi-Modality

  • Image Algebra

    Morphology, Pixelwise Correlation, Fused MIP, Preparation for 3D Rendering

PMOD’s image fusion tools and methods represents a highly flexible environment for all kinds of tasks related to image registration and brain image normalization. It supports the users in deriving optimal results from multi-modal images even in the most challenging situations met in human or preclinical research.

Recommended Configuration

Extension for Full 3D Rendering

P3D (3D Image Rendering)

Extension for Full Quantification

PKIN (Kinetic Modeling) PXMOD (Parametric Mapping)

Analogs for Neurology Research

PNEURO (Human Brain) PNROD (Rodent Brain)