Kinetic Modeling for Full Quantification

  • 25+ Years of Experience

    References Software with >4000 citations

  • Comprehensive Models

    >60 Models, Compartment / Reference-Tissue / Graphical Methods, >35 Mapping Models

  • High Utility Features

    Batch Processing, Coupled Fitting, Direct Comparison

  • Storage and Archiving

    Project History, Retrieval, Export and direct Data Association in PMOD’s Database System

PMOD’s Kinetic Modeling environment is the ideal solution for the model-based analysis of PET and SPECT data. It offers a comprehensive toolbox which not only allows calculating quantitative information, but also features dedicated functionality to assess the meaningfulness of the results.

Recommended Configuration

Basic Kinetic Modeling

PBAS (View) PKIN (Kinetic Modeling)

Extension for Parametric Mapping

PXMOD (Parametric Mapping)

Integrates with Additional Tools

PNEURO (Human Brain) PNROD (Rodent Brain)
PCARDP (Cardiac PET Analysis)

Added Value for Optimized Workflows

PFUS (Image Fusion) PGEM (Geometric Models and Simulation)