AI-based Segmentation

  • Pre-Trained Models

    MRI Mouse & Human Myocardium 2D/3D/4D , Trabecular Bone, Deep Nuclei Segmentation, Tumor Detection, etc.

  • Efficient Pre-Processing

    Streamlined Data Labelling, Association, Cropping, Resampling and more

  • Machine Learning Framework

    Leverage of TensorFlow, Python and R via GUI

  • GPU Computing

    Harnessing GPU Power via NVIDIA’s Cuda Platform

  • Training in the Cloud

    Leverage the Power of Cloud Computing via a 3rd Party Service (AWS, Azure, etc.)

AI methods have become a success story and are now part of daily experience. However, the setup and use of AI tool kits comes with a steep learning curve. The aim of PAI is to drastically lower the entry barrier to the AI methodology. Our PAI Module designed as a framework, which allows users to develop their tailored AI-based image analysis solution leveraging their own training data while fully working within the familiar PMOD environment.

Recommended Configuration

Basic Machine Learning

PBAS (View) PSEG (Segmentation)
PAI (Machine Learning Framework)

Extension for Neuro-Applications

PNEURO (Human Brain) PNROD (Rodent Brain)

Extension for Cardiac-Applications

PCARD MR (Cardiac MR Analysis)