Neurology, Oncology, Cardiology Research

  • Quantification

    Dedicated Tools for these Broad Fields

  • Atlas and Standardized Regions

    Brain Atlases, 17-Segment Heart Model (AHA)

  • Full Quantification

    Kinetic Modeling for Neurology and Cardiology

  • Reproducible Workflows

    Fully Reproducible Workflows for Segmentation and Annotation

Many scientists working with static / dynamic oncology / neurology data use PMOD’s general and dedicated tools and workflows for efficient and reproducible data processing. Since dedicated tools and workflows for oncology & neurology have been introduced in v3.9 they’ve grown to be widely popular in the respective communities and are valued for their streamlined, and targeted applications without compromising in the number of available features.

Recommended Configuration

Complete Neurology Configuration

PBAS (View) PKIN (Kinetic Modeling)
PXMOD (Parametric Mapping) PNROD (Rodent Brain)
PNEURO (Human Brain) PGEM (Geometric Models and Simulation)

Complete Oncology Configuration

PBAS (View) PFUS (Image Fusion)
PSEG (Image Segmentation) PAI (Artificial Intelligence Framework)

Complete Cardiology Configuration

PBAS (View) PKIN (Kinetic Modeling)
PCARD MR (Cardiac MR Anlysis) PCARD PET (Cardiac PET Analysis)
PAI (Artificial Intelligence Framework)