PET/SPECT Biodistribution and Dosimetry

  • Tracer Development

    Requires Bio-Distribution Studies for Transition Mouse to Man

  • Immuno-PET

    Careful Attention to Timing and Decay Correction Necessary

  • Dosimetry

    Pre-Processing in PMOD, Internal Dose Estimation for Transition Mouse to Man

  • Optimised Tools

    Serial Acquisition Stitching, Kinetic Modeling, Decay Correction

Novel radiotracers in nuclear medicine research often require first bio-distribution studies and internal radiation dose estimations. PMOD offers a tailored workflow of dosimetry pre-processing steps. The resulting cumulated activities (residence times) form the input into standard programs, such as OLINDA/EXM or IDAC, as exemplified in the publication of Hjornevik et al.

Recommended Configuration

Bio-Distribution Studies

PBAS (View) PKIN (Kinetic Modeling)
PFUS (Image Fusion)

Extension for Renderings/Publications

P3D (3D Image Rendering)