CT/MR/PET Segmentation

  • Comprehensive 2D/3D/4D Tools

    Static & Dynamic

  • State-of-the-Art Segmentation Methods

    Non-Subjective, Reproducible, Efficient

  • Volumes of Interest

    Save- & Retrieve-able, Database Backend

  • Adaptable AI Framework

    Pre-Trained Models, Integrated Pre-Processing, Training, Prediction

PMOD provides many options for segmentation tasks. To name a few: threshold and histogram-based, in-range, iso-contouring, region-growing, k-means clustering and machine learning bases segmentation. These methods can flexibly be applied to multi-modal 2D/3D/4D data sets ensuring the user gets the most out of their data as efficiently as possible.

Recommended Configuration

Basic Segmentation

PBAS (View)

Extension for Advanced Segmentation

PSEG (Segmentation) PAI (AI Framework)