Brain Atlas Regions

  • Built in Brain Atlases

    Human, Mouse, Rat, Pig, Monkey

  • Efficient Workflows

    Clearly Structured, Self-Guiding

  • Single- & Multi-Modality

    Functional and Anatomical

  • Automated & Batch-Processing

    Database Integration, Aggregated Output

Brain atlases allow for labelling of brain regions in anatomical, functional and multi-modal data by registration to established data-sets. In PMOD brain atlases exist for the brains of the mouse, the rat and men. They are the foundation for automated analysis of specific brain regions with regard to tracer uptake, time activity curves and more. Results can be used for subsequent kinetic modelling or direct analysis of the resulting region volumes.

Recommended Configuration

Extension for Full Quantification

PKIN (Kinetic Modelling) PXMOD (Parametric Mapping)