PET/SPECT Quantification

  • All Common Imaging Formats

    DICOM, NifTI, MicroPET, GE, Advance, Philips,…

  • Multi-Dimensional Processing


  • Cropping & Segmentation

    Manual, Semi-Automated, Machine Learning

  • Image Statistics

    SUV, %ID/cc, time activity curves

  • 3D Rendering

    Publication captures, Animations, GIF

While in the early times of PET and SPECT the focus heavily lied on sensitivity their main characteristic was overshadowed, their quantitative nature. Precision medicine requires proper and validated quantification methods including SUV calculations, time activity curves, full kinetic modeling and voxel wise parametric mapping.

Recommended Configuration

Basic Quantification

PBAS (View) PFUS (Image Fusion)
P3D (3D Image Rendering) PSEG (Segmentation)

Extensions for Full Quantification

PKIN (Kinetic Modeling) PXMOD (Parametric Mapping)

Extensions for Neurology Research

PNEURO (Human Brain) PNROD (Rodent Brain)