The detailed analysis of rodent brain images poses inherent difficulties: the resolution is often limited, the contrast in the images suffers from artefacts, and often there is high uptake of radiotracer in nearby soft tissue. In this situation, manual analyses of the regional characteristics are prone to operator bias and poor reproducibility.
The PNROD tool overcomes the problem of accurate structure delineation by leveraging the well-defined functional areas defined in rodent brain atlases. Convenient workflows guide the user, so that brain regions adjusted to the subject anatomy are reproducibly obtained and applied for statistical analyses. Depending on the image content, data from a whole cohort can automatically be processed in a batch.

“Effective tool for small animal researchers.”

  • PNROD offers easy-to-use methods for objective brain region outlining.
  • Batch processing is included in PNROD for the effective analysis of cohort data.
  • With the integration of parametric mapping, PNROD represents a comprehensive solution for quantitative PET studies in rodents.