The estimation of the internal radiation dose is a common requirement for novel radiotracers in nuclear medicine research.

PMOD offers a tailored workflow of dosimetry pre-processing steps using the base tool PBAS and the kinetic modeling tool PKIN. The resulting cumulated activities (residence times) form the input into standard programs, such as OLINDA/EXM or IDAC, as exemplified in the publication of Hjornevik et al.

“PMOD provides elegant and effective solutions for the various tasks of PET image and data analysis.”

  • Matching of anatomical scans to the dosimetry series.
  • Merging of static into a dynamic series, accounting for differences in decay correction.
  • Definition of organ VOIs using multiple contouring approaches.
  • Support of dynamic VOIs to track organs in follow-up acquisitions.
  • Handling of positional time differences along the axial field-of-view in dynamic whole-body scans.
  • Calculation of organ TACs from dynamic series.
  • Calculation of organ cumulated activities with various integration and extrapolation algorithms.
  • Standard organ naming for smooth interfacing to external programs.
  • Export of cumulated activities in OLINDA/EXM and IDAC2.1 format.

PMOD is a software FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY (RUO) and must not be used for diagnosis or treatment of patients.