PMOD’s PKIN tool is the ideal solution for the model-based analysis of PET and SPECT data (4-page flyer). It offers a comprehensive toolbox which not only allows calculating various types of quantitative information, but also includes advanced methods for exploring their meaning and reliability.

In daily use by hundreds of PET researchers for more than 10 years, PKIN is arguably the best-validated and most widely used modeling tool available today. Continuous feedback from our user community ensures that PKIN keeps up with advances in the field.

The PKIN program is an excellent fast program for PET kinetic analysis that has been exceptionally useful.  PMOD are always very quick to respond to any support queries that I have had.  In addition whenever I have suggested some improvements to PKIN the speed at which they are implemented has been superb.

  • Time-activity data analysis by model fitting
  • Comprehensive set of models including compartment, non-compartment and reference models
  • Simulation of studies for known kinetics
  • Monte Carlo simulations to investigate estimation stability